“It all starts with good communication”

Burgemeester Vastgoed has been helping expats buy their own homes for over 17 years. We know the Amsterdam real estate market inside out and even though demand far outstrips supply at the moment, we are confident that we can help you find the perfect place to call your own.

How we work

Meet the team

Barry and Monique Burgemeester are the husband and wife team behind Burgemeester Vastgoed.

• Barry is a certified real estate agent and has worked in the Amsterdam property market for more than 22 years. He specialises in helping expats find their dream home and is an expert at guiding them through the legal and financial processes.

• Monique is the administrative power behind the company and takes care of all the time-consuming details and the paperwork. As organiser of the How to Buy a House seminar series, she too has a great network in the property sector.


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To find out more about our special service for expats, and how Burgemeester Vastgoed can help you buy your dream home, call, app or email us now for an appointment. Our first meeting is completely free and you are under no obligations.