JUN, 2024

Very professional, personalized service, always smiling, always available for questions. Barry helped me buy an apartment recently and I was very happy with the service. He was patient with my pickiness the whole time, he always was good with communication and before starting the process, he tried to understand what I actually wanted. After a few apartments he came up with exactly the kind of property I am looking for. I will definately recommend Barry to other people.

Varun Brahme

JUN, 2024

I had a good feeling about working with Barry and his wife early on in the process. At the beginning I reached out too several other agents (the vast proportion of who either did not reply or saw me as just another number). With Barry and his wife it was very different. He took time to understand my actual needs and desires, was very clear, efficient and kept showing me property that showed he understood my taste / opinion. He also did a good job keeping me down to earth.

We got the process done fairly quick, all things considered, and I can of regret that because I was actually enjoying working with him and the process!

Strongly recommend and thank you again!

Justin Schembri

APR, 2024

Barry has been instrumental in helping us secure two houses in Amsterdam over the last 8 years. Barry has incredible knowledge of the Amsterdam market and his support is essential in finding and acquiring a property in the highly competitive market that is Amsterdam. On top of that he is very easy to work with and is always on your case to help you to find that property that works for you. I highly recommend Barry.

Brent McLean

APR, 2024

Highly professional agent, knows the city of Amsterdam very well, has an excellent network. Barry listens to your wishes, respects your opinion but also provides his point of view. All the messages and requests are followed up in a very short time with the best possible solution. We are consistently happy with our experiences with Barry Burgermeester.

Lilit Atanesyan

MAR, 2024

Barry helped us buy our first apartment in Amsterdam and made a very pleasant experience for us. Barry was very responsible, inclusive, trustworthy and very nice to be around. Helped us in every step of the process and provided his best expertise. Thank you!

Arina Lapina

DEC, 2023

Barry is a very well known figure in the housing industry and it is no wonder that his reputation precedes him! He took care of everything from A to Z, did absolutely top-notch work, and helped in the purchase of our first ever home. Barry doesn’t just do his job but makes it personal. He made sound suggestions and decisions, always working in your best interest to ensure sure you find your happiness. He is critical, understands the ins and outs of the business, and goes the extra mile which is very much appreciated especially when you are an expat. If you are looking to purchase or sell a home, Barry comes at our highest recommendation!

Eduardo Manso

DEC, 2023

I have used Barry for 2 home purchases over the last 10 years and have been the utmost of satisfied. His experience in the industry and his network clout is unparalleled. He understands the Amsterdam market down to the most granular of details and offers realistic advice about what to bid and he furthermore guides you through the process. Have recommended his services to many others and will continue to do so.

Emily Loh

DEC, 2023

Barry helped me navigate this complex process from viewings to the final signature. He also arranged the necessary services (house engineering assessment, valuation, etc…) to see it through to completion. Even after the sale, he helped me find the relevant people to perform minor house fixes. His experience and competence truly shine when dealing with the real state market in Amsterdam.

Anibal Gonzalez

OKT, 2023

Barry heeft ons geweldig goed geholpen in de zoektocht naar een appartement in Amsterdam. De Nederlandse en zeker de Amsterdamse huizenmarkt was onbekend voor ons maar Barry begeleidde ons van begin tot einde. Hij was altijd bereikbaar en de communicatie verliep super gemakkelijk. Als de verkoop dan dichterbij kwam, keek hij ook nog eens alle documenten na wat extra geruststellend was. Ik kan de samenwerking alleen maar aanbevelen!

Tom Brusselmans

SEP, 2023

Barry Helped us to find the apartment of our dreams in Amsterdam! We could count on Barry for any questions, he is a great support in this hard search for a house. He will guide you through this process! Thank you Barry.

Marie Lelong

SEP, 2023

Barry was a committed and active partner in our house buying journey. From the initial screening and viewings he was able to narrow in on our exact wants and needs while also keeping us aware of the market conditions and general availability. Once we identified a house that we were interested in he gave us clear guidance on formulating the offer and facilitated all communication. Most importantly when we found our dream house Barry closed quickly. The whole process was clear and quick and as first time homebuyers as non-natives we were guided expertly through until the end. I cannot recommend Barry highly enough, truly A+ customer service and results.

Griffin Daly

SEP, 2023

Barry’s expertise is to show available apartments as per the needs of the client – area/cost etc. Our experience with Barry has been exceptional as we finalised our house within a month of working with him. Very professional, efficient process and excellent communication. Highly recommended. Thanks Barry!

Abhi Doc

AUG, 2023

Having Barry with us to search our sweet home was a real asset. His consciousness, availability and enthusiasm could define him well. Even more for expats that are looking for reliability and good experience here in Amsterdam. Thanks again for the help provided. I highly recommend Barry for any house searcher.

Jordan Solares

AUG, 2023

We couldn’t have asked for a better agent to guide us through the process of purchasing our new home as expats. From the beginning, Barry and Monique demonstrated a profound understanding of the challenges we faced, making the entire experience feel effortless. Their expertise in the local market allowed them to provide us with invaluable advice at precisely the right moments, ensuring we made informed decisions every step of the way. What truly set Barry & Monique apart was their unwavering dedication to making the process easier for us. They handled all the complexities involved with utmost care, and their friendly demeanor made communication a delight. Thanks to their diligent efforts and genuine commitment, we found our dream home without any hassle. If you’re an expat seeking a remarkable real estate experience, we highly recommend working with them. Barry and Monique are the epitome of professionalism and support, and we couldn’t be happier with our new home!

Karim & Nadine

JUL, 2023

Being expats in the Netherlands since a year, we decided to work with an agent to find the right home to purchase. Luckily, my husband and I recently finalised the deal for our new apartment in Amsterdam thanks to Barry! It’s been a couple of intense months trying to find the right place for the budget we had and with some adjustment needed on our side along the way. Thanks to his support, guidance and advice, we find the perfect place! He has been really attentive and went above and beyond, also providing us with a lot tips on things that go beyond his area of work. We are really grateful and happy to have chosen to work with him. To all our fellow expats, we can only recommend !

Nadia MLL

JUL, 2023

I found Barry during an online research as we were in need of an agent. Of course you can see there are only 5 stars reviews and honestly I think he deserves all of those! The communication with Barry was very easy and super friendly. He came on most of the viewing with us and was very straight forward with his thought regarding the places and gave us excellent advice. Barry fully understood our needs and the process with him was quicker than going clothing shopping (literally)! The moment we found the house we wanted he was able to close the deal at the same day and the same week we were able to sign the purchase deed! I don’t think it would have been this easy without him! I definitely recommend him and would chose him again in the future! Such a pleasure to work with you Barry!

Liri Beqiri

JUN, 2023

We want to highly recommend Barry for his great realtor services. He truly went above and beyond, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience.

He consistently demonstrated a friendly and approachable attitude , making us feel comfortable throughout the entire process. His was always quick to respond to our inquiries and provided valuable insights and guidance.

If you’re in search of a realtor who is responsive, knowledgeable, and well-connected, we wholeheartedly recommend him. He made our home-buying journey a positive one, and we are grateful for his assistance.

Ira Melkman

APR, 2023

The best experience I had as a 29 year old female expat buying a house by herself. I was very stressed and eager to find a home quickly and Barry found it for me within 2 weeks, and our offer got excepted. Simply Amazing. I am so grateful because it was my dream home. Barry is one of the most respectful, professional people I have ever met. He did a stellar job finding and negotiating the house I could have not asked for a better Maakelar. His lovely wife was very supportive as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out to him as it is worth every penny and will save you so much time and effort. I’m addition to the great service. He has been in the business for 23 years and has so much experience and connections in the industry.

Diana Gal

FEB, 2023

Barry was great! He really helped us understand the process of buying an apartment in Amsterdam, and made everything simple and easy. He’s been in the business a long time and knows the market inside-out. He also introduced us to a great mortgage broker who helped us figure out our options and what we could afford. Every step of the way he was positive, cheerful and it was always a pleasure. Highly recommended.

James Windeler

JAN, 2023

Barry helped us finding the right apartment after one year of unsuccessful visits. We met on a Monday, he took the time to listen to our needs, planned visits on Thursday morning and called us Thursday afternoon to tell us that we had the apartment! So I can only highly recommend Barry!

Isaure de Lagarde

JAN, 2023

Barry Burgemeester is a well known real estate agent who has accompanied me in my real estate purchase project, a project that was completed in only 3 months. He listened to my precise requirements (I was looking in a very limited area with very precise demands) and was able to propose me well-defined possibilities. Then my choice was made on an apartment, he knew how to make me benefit from his precious network in Amsterdam in these times of real estate crisis and to allow me to buy a beautiful small apartment of which I am very happy today

Amélie Gautier

NOV, 2022

Barry has been an amazing support in finding my home.

Highly professional and kind, with an extensive network and in-depth knowledge/love for this city, he carefully listened to and understood my quite particular needs.

As a result, one of the very first apartments he suggested fit the bill perfectly.

Barry is a clear and quick communicator, in and out of business hours; he provided me with accurate evaluations and helped navigate the entire process with each entity involved; i had a paperwork hiccup at the closing stage which he helped me resolve quickly and in the least stressful manner.

As a first-time buyer in amsterdam i couldn’t have wished for more.


M. Gard

NOV, 2022

We are very pleased with Barry’s services!. He is very knowledgeable about the whole buying process so I really recommend his services especially if you are not really familiar with how the Amsterdam house market works. He gave great advice which ultimately helped us find a very beautiful home and we are very grateful for that. Thank you Barry!


NOV, 2022

Barry helped us in the search of buying our first own home in Amsterdam. In the process of searching he managed to get us a viewing of every house that we wanted to look at. He is super well connected in Amsterdam, very responsive via all channels and great at giving advice. We felt well taken care of in the whole process. We ended up buying a house and ran into some issues after the purchase that none of us could anticipate. However, Barry has helped us find our way through the process and is always happy to give advice or a recommendation when there is a problem. We would highly recommend him with his great attitude and friendliness.

Hannah Bahl

SEP, 2022

Thank you a million times Barry for helping us buying our dream home in Amsterdam ⭐️🥂 Barry is a star! From the first introduction meeting to getting our keys, he was always responsive, reliable, professional and helpful. He told us what is feasible and what is not with our budget, and he cared about our every wish. He always supported and guided us with viewings and biddings. He has a lot of experience and he literally knows everything about the housing market in Amsterdam. He even guided us to an area that we didn’t know of, and we found a great home there that turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. Working with Barry was truly an amazing experience and he is a super positive and knowledgeable person that just makes this whole process simpler and better. We are sooooooooo very happy with our new home and without Barry, I just know it would have not been possible. Thank you Barry, you are the best!

Cem. A.

JUL, 2022

It was a pleasure to use Barry’s services! Barry took the time to explain us all the process, perfectly understood what we were looking for and has always been very reactive. His knowledge and expertise of Amsterdam market and his ability to close the deal were key for finding the perfect flat!

Hugo F.

JUN, 2022

I just moved into my incredible first home in Amsterdam and simply could not have done it without the great support of Barry! From the moment I first inquired, Barry was very responsive and took the time to understand my needs and explain the process to me. I trusted Barry completely and valued his opinion, especially as he was honest when a certain apartment was not a fit. The process for me was efficient and Barry took care of nearly everything, especially from the moment from bid to the closing – which was important for me as an expat! I am very grateful and can only recommend Barry as the best!

Alyson Gilmour

JUN, 2022

Fantastic, lovely and amazing! Barry and his team at Burgemeester Vastgoed deliver a warm brand of real estate advice and services always with a massive and beautiful smile. Barry and crew are exceptionally knowledgeable on the Dutch real estate market, and will continue to be my first choice for real-estate advice and purchases.

Rob Lambert

MAY, 2022

Barry hat uns unterstützt bei dem Erwerb einer Immobilie in den Niederlanden. In einem persönlichen Gespräch ist er unsere Wünsche mit uns durchgegangen und hat uns seine Einschätzung zur möglichen Realisierung gegeben. Zudem hat er uns über die Besonderheiten des niederländischen Immobilienmarktes (u.a. Bieterverfahren) aufgeklärt. Kurz darauf haben wir die ersten Inserate von ihm erhalten und erste Besichtigungen durchgeführt. Nachdem ein passendes Objekt gefunden war, haben wir mit ihm zusammen ein realistisches Gebot abgegeben. Hier konnten wir von seiner Erfahrung profitieren & das richtige Gebot finden. Besonders hilfreich war Barrys Unterstützung in der Phase der Gebotsabgabe bis zum Notartermin: hier hat er sämtliche benötigten Dokumente & Informationen kurzfristig beschafft, sodass alle involvierten Parteien zügig den Kauf abwickeln konnten. Hierdurch wurde u.a. die Taxierung und Finanzierung binnen weniger Tage geklärt. Eine Zusammenarbeit mit Barry können wir ohne Einschränkung empfehlen.

Karsten Tralst

MAY, 2022

Barry was incredibly helpful to us when we bought our apartment in Amsterdam this year ( 2022) without having physically seen the property. We didn’t know what it took to buy in Netherlands and Barry guided us through this process, helped us to understand the area and the market and went above and beyond to give us all the information we needed as well as connect us with specialists who could help us with the process both before and after the transaction. We highly recommend Barry to anyone wanting a knowledgeable and trustworthy agent in Amsterdam

David Marcus

MAY, 2022

Working with Barry was the ONLY reason why the process went so smoothly for us. Between all of his connections – like the mortgage broker, the notary, etc. – and his knowledge of the market, we were able to get our dream home AT market value incredibly quickly. In fact, from viewing to contract for purchase was less than a week and we could have moved in a week later if we wanted to. Incredible. Barry laid out the steps, strategy and process with clarity and calm – and we felt incredibly comfortable throughout. THANKS!

Steve Knapp

MAR, 2022

Barry is a pro. He knows the market inside out and is incredibly supportive and helpful throughout the whole process of buying a home. For any expats looking to buy in Amsterdam, I would definitely recommend reaching out to Barry.

Zoe Seccull

MAR, 2022

Barry has been great in finding my new home in Amsterdam. He made sure everything was in order and the experience was great. Thank you Barry!

Leonardo Piumi

FEB, 2022

We have just purchased our second houses with Barry. He has been very helpful in finding what we needed, and advising us in our negotiating position. He knows the market and the players well and has been instrumental in finding us what we need. For an expat that doesn’t know the Amsterdam market Barry is the guy to talk to. Thanks Barry!

Yves O.

FEB, 2022

Great service from Barry’s team. Helped me with every step along the way to get my dream house in Amsterdam!!! Thank you Barry!!

Eran Korish

FEB, 2022

Barry and his team at Burgemeester supported me in my process of finding an amazing property that I now call Home in Amsterdam. He was able to guide me from the beginning until the end of the process all in English, I feel like I had to pick the right place and sign! it was easy and comfortable, I could rely on Barry’s knowledge and guidance. The entire process from making an offer until the loan was approved took exactly 2 weeks, it was very nerve racking but at the end and through my anxiety – Barry was right the whole time and his recommendations were spot on. Thank you Barry for being part of this journey!

Daniela Palacios

JAN, 2022

Barry is a committed and knowledgeable housing expert for Amsterdam. He was very responsive and always listened to us as clients but also gave us advice which we appreciated. I would definitely recommend his services.

Brian Lavan

JAN, 2022

We got Barry’s contact from a friend who recently bought a house, and I can happily say that thanks to Barry we are proud house owners now. Barry has a ‘go getter’ attitude that is much needed in the Amsterdam housing market. Always fast to reply and provide straight to the point feedback.

Janis Adeye

JAN, 2022

We have just purchased our second houses with Barry. He has been very helpful in finding what we needed, and advising us in our negotiating position. He knows the market and the players well and has been instrumental in finding us what we need. For an expat that doesn’t know the Amsterdam market Barry is the guy to talk to. Thanks Barry!

Yves O

JAN, 2022

I was recommended Burgemeester Vastgoed from a friend. I was not disappointed. Barry was super helpful and responded to me quickly. As an expat buying in Amsterdam it can be a bit intimidating. But Barry not only listened to what I wanted, he was also very straightforward about what I needed to find the best apartment for me in my price range. I would recommend to my friends!

Shauna B

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