“Some testimonials from LinkedIn and Google”

“I’m glad I got referred to Barry when looking for an apartment in Amsterdam. His knowledge of the market and trends are extremely valuable, and the tips he gave me when looking at several properties helped tremendously in getting the final chosen apartment, taking care of the details and ensuring a smooth transaction. His professionalism, expertise and value of service are 5+ stars. Highly recommended!

Ziad F

“I am very fortunate to have had a real estate agent like Barry for buying my first ever house in Amsterdam. I am an expat and all the research I did before embarking on this journey was overwhelming. Barry helped me make sense of this market and he brought in a lot of enthusiasm to the process. He is clearly very passionate for what he does and that’s why he is so good at it!! I highly recommend Barry to anyone who is looking for a reliable real estate agent who truly understands your needs and finds the most appropriate properties! He was patient and took the time to clarify all my questions. Throughout the process, Barry had my best interest at heart and that’s why I give him 5 🌟 Thank you again for helping me find my beautiful home !!!!

Aseema Mishra

“We got to meet Barry as a recommendation from a more than one friend ours, and what a great recommendation! The mission at first glance looks simple: find a new home for our family! but that is only because Barry makes it look and feel easy! After meeting Barry we got a great introduction on how the market works and how the process works and within one day we were already on the market looking for the perfect house for us. One of the greatest aspects of Barry is that he took in mind what kind of house we were looking for. And you know what… it could not be better, it felt that we were talking with a friend and he was doing the best to make us feel secure about our choices and that we were on the right direction. And in addition, he was super fast answering our questions and making sure we were clear about things. In the end, after seeing a few houses we found the one. And Barry was super effective here, no way that house could escape us, and in a period of one day, we managed to make an agreement to buy the house! We are really happy that things came this way and we recommend Barry 100%! Thanks Barry! If you are looking for a house, you don’t need luck. You need Barry.

Juan & Patricia Freitas

“Barry is a great professional in the housing market. He guided us to get our first house in Amsterdam in a few weeks. We felt with the confidence that we were in expert hands. We can say that the process of buying the house was not a stressful experience at all! Many thanks Barry!

Mara Ares

Fantastic service – highly recommend. The first offer I put in was accepted! Barry was extremely helpful, and clearly has a lot of experience in the Amsterdam housing market. He also gave me great advice and made the whole process extremely stress-free. Thank you so much!

Laura Smettem

“Barry is such a great agent, that when I realized that I want to move to a bigger house, I had no doubt that I will use his services again.
We have already purchased a house with Barry a few years ago, and it was such a great experience, and yet Barry was able to do the extra mile for my family once again, working around the clock and also during weekends, helping us to find the perfect house for our family.
A house so perfect, that even when we had doubts, Barry knew even better than us what will be good for us as a young family of expats.
I wish that we will not need to buy any other house during the next years to come, but if we do, I know who I’m going to contact for the move.

Thank you Barry, I wish all service givers will learn a few things from you! ”

Ido Aviv

“I have nothing but good things to say about the dream team of Barry and Monique Burgemeester. They helped guide us through the process with efficiency and with an excellent eye for detail. We now truly have our dream home and I am confident that we succeeded because of our choice in buying agent. Definitely the right choice for expats. I hear countless horror stories from friends who have gone elsewhere, so I’m glad I went with people I could trust.”

Ben Storey

“Buying a house in Amsterdam is already complicated, but if you are an expat it could drive you crazy. In the very first meeting, Barry gave us an overview of the whole process and put us in contact with mortgage advisors (who also use to work with expats). He guided us through all the many steps in the process and he was always available for our multiple questions and very responsive. As a result, we bought an apartment that met our expectations, navigating through the process smoothly and with ease. We also want to mention that he clearly knows the market and the players very well, which is another advantage. For sure, we recommend him!”

Paula Leyenda

“Barry was referred to us by Expat Mortgages when we were looking for a new home during COVID-19. He arranged many viewings for us in and around Amsterdam, where he joined us to view the properties on virtually all occasions. He was extremely friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and professional. His primary concern was in helping us find what we were looking for and he recommended viewings for us, as well as advising us on listings that we had found. He gave expert opinions on the properties themselves, the locations, cost of restoration or renovation, immediate issues that would need to be addressed, and valuing the properties. He was absolutely indispensable throughout the bidding process, where he accurately negotiated the best deal for us. He gave excellent advice and explanations throughout the signing process, helping us navigate complex legal issues. We could not have done this without him. His communication and proactiveness were exceptional — he was always available to assist via phone or email and would contact us immediately in the case of any developments, including after hours. We bought our dream home thanks to Barry. We strongly recommend that anyone thinking of buying a home in Amsterdam contacts Barry first. Thank you, Barry!”

Ronen Agranat

“The first thing which stood out about Barry is that he answered an email I had sent him on a Sunday. After that, he continuously showed a lot of support throughout the entire process. He knew everything about each apartment we viewed, his communication was clear, his estimate for the offer was accurate and 9 days after that Sunday I had an accepted offer. You can see he knows what he is doing, and has the right contacts with other agencies and agents to allow for a smooth process. 100% recommended.”

Athena Barris

Barry was extremely easy to work with and very responsive. He took all of our considerations into account and quickly helped us find a new home!

Lindsey Turnau

“Barry was great and always available when we needed him – even when we were on another time zone on the other side of the world. Thanks to his great and deep experience in the real estate industry in Amsterdam, we found a lovely place in only 3 weeks! Thank you so much, Barry, for everything!”

Juliette Francon

“V Professional. Responses to my queries were always timely. Barry took time to understand my search criteria, was clear and realistic re current state of market. During our search Barry kept the momentum of the search going at an acceptable pace. Thank you very much for your support. I would recommend Barry’s support in searching for a new home. Thank you, S.”

Sara Cahill

“We were referred to Barry by a friend and ended up very satisfied with our experience. Everything went very smoothly thanks to Barry’s knowledge of the market and support in finding the right place and closing the deal. Barry makes an effort to understand his customer’s wishes and needs at first and then tries to pick the right place that would most fulfill those needs. He patiently answered all our questions (as we are unfamiliar with the housing market in the Netherlands) and ran us through the whole process. His connections also helped a lot. All in all, we were very happy with our experience with Barry and would fully recommend him.”

Bertan Gurol

“Amazing experience to work with Barry. He knows everything there is to know about the residential market in Amsterdam. You can trust him 100%. He has the client’s best interest in mind, which is not very common. Thank you for everything Barry! “

José Mascarenhas

“We reached out to Barry after a recommendation from a colleague and it was the best decision. We had a very positive experience with him. First appointment was already value-adding, from that moment on the search went quite fast. Besides the fact that Barry understands the market in Amsterdam and is very well connected, the top three qualities we recognize about him are: 1) he’s customer-centric, puts effort in understanding what you want, 2) he’s a fair, a no-nonsense kind of person, he’ll tell you things as they are, 3) he’s fast, he’s on top of everything… all emails/messages/calls always replied faster than you can come back! We value Barry’s advice and support through all the process – highly recommend him! “

Laura Diaz

“Great experience from beginning to end! Professional, personable and knowledgeable.”

Shane Manning

” Barry provided my husband and me with flawless support in our search for a home in Amsterdam. He’s an excellent listener and encourager and we enjoyed every moment we got to spend with him. Cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks Barry!”

Jessica Bell

“We visited Barry in 2019 to assist us in seeking a property in Amsterdam. Barry takes the time to understand what you need and to give you additional information that is very useful in your first meeting. After the first meeting, there is no pressure to continue with the service, however I highly recommend doing so. Unlikse some other agents, Barry did not overload us with apartments, but rather only seeked out places that were relevant to what we were searching for. I also believe Barry has a good knowledge about the value of property and is honest when he thinks it is not a good buy etc. He is well connected in the industry, which helps when dealing with the sellers agent. Additionally, he builds a good relationship, tries to visit all viewings with you where he can and adds the extra touch such as champaigne to congratulate us on the house. All in all a positive experience and definitely would highly recommend! “

Megan Marais

“Thanks to Barry we were able to find a house in Amsterdam in a very short time. He knows the market very well and he is a really good advisor. He settle all the appointment for us and, after the offer was accepted, help us with the paperwork. Friendly and professional, really reccomended.”

Teresa Carducci

We bought our lovely new house with Barry. His professionalism and reliability each step of the way made the entire process easy and enjoyable for us. He is hardworking and was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure all runs smooth and to our satisfaction. He is a great person to work with. Hartelijk bedankt Barry!

Zeynep Birsel

“Newly arrived in NL and negotiating the complexity of finding and purchasing a home – we were recommended to Burgermeester Vastgoed . Barry has been very efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly .He assisted us at all stages throughout the process of finding , inspecting and negotiating the purchasing our beautiful new home. The whole process was enjoyable and went smoothly. We highly recommend Barry.”

Rupa Hilary Selecki

“We were really pleased with the service provided by Barry throughout the process of purchasing our apartment in Amsterdam. Not only was he honest and clear with his advice, he also read the market and situation very astutely resulting in us obtaining our flat for less than the asking price – unheard of in that location in Amsterdam!!! We are continuing to use Barry’s services ourselves and highly recommend him to anyone (Dutch or expats) who is looking for a “makelaar” who will provide prompt, responsive and friendly professional guidance through the process. He also has a great sense of humour :-)”

Vanessa Damment

“Barry was essential in our house hunting and even better on the process of bidding, notary and follow up. Without his services would be very hard to get the perfect apartment. The whole process was easy, clear communication and always available to answer our doubts. 100% satisfied client here!”

Andre Veneziani

“Thanks to Barry I managed to find a new apartment in the rough real estate market of Amsterdam. His commitment and efficiency made it possible in a very short time!”

Alessandro Pollastri, PhD

“After being in Amsterdam for a while as a renter, I decided to buy my own place. I quickly realized how complex the task would have been in a market like the Amsterdam one where demand for houses is way higher than supply. That’s when I decided to get Barry’s help after receiving very good recommendations from several of my colleagues. Barry is very knowledgeable about the market trends and has a lot of contacts in the field: He genuinely cares about delivering a good experience to his customers, and he has always been available to answer all of my questions on the buying process while avoiding unnecessary complexity. The final result was a smooth and simple process where everything was taken care at the right time, very professionally, and always with a smile. I’ve just got the keys of my new apartment yesterday and, all in all, I would highly recommend Barry for expats first-time buyers like myself.”

Luca Falsina

“We moved to Amsterdam for work and needed to find a house/apartment in a short time. We were recommended to contact Barry as an expert of Amsterdam’s market. First comment: Amsterdam’s real estate market is driven by the sellers, and the sellers act through agents. So if you are looking for a house to buy, it is very important to gain the trust of the seller: they are choosing, among the many interested buyers, to whom to sell. So if your agent is well known and respected (which is the case of Barry!), you already have an advantage vs other buyers. The second important point, is that the sellers are choosing the buyer based on “financial reliability”, meaning you can demonstrate you have the money to pay or you can get the approval of the mortgage on time. This will be “guaranteed” by your financial/mortgage advisor. Now, Barry can also adress you to the right contacts in terms of “financial process” (i.e. mortgage) and this is usually the second “pillar” that increases a lot the likelihood you get the apartment you are bidding for. Net net, he will explain you the process is working, he can support you during all the steps (thanks to his contacts), making sure that you not only find a house, but also can have more chances to gain in the bidding competition. And all of this with a smile, with patience, with pragmatism and effectiveness. I would definitely recommend to work with him if you are “landing” in Amsterdam and have to start a new life here! Thank you again Barry for your support and cooperation!!!”

Gianmatteo Cingano

“Recomendaría a Barry para cualquier trabajo en el que se requiereun profesional comprometido en el área de los bienes raíces y degran calidad humana, que sepa trabajar en equipo y relacionarsecon el cliente.”

Vicente Gracia

“I would highly recommend working with Burgemeester Vastgoed. Barry was able to help us find an amazing home in our preferred neighborhood with very little hassle. He guided us through the process and helped us get our new home for a fair price in Amsterdam quickly. He seems to know every selling agent and can get right to a great deal. If, in the future, we are looking for another house, I will call him first!”

Kelly Pisane

“I can thoroughly recommend Barry as a makelaar. As first timers in the Amsterdam property market, he explained very clearly the steps that we needed to take. He worked very closely with us to find out what we wanted and the areas that we wanted to look at. Barry also showed us what was available, to give us a good idea of what we could get for our budget. We saw some great properties! However, once we had found “the one” he was extremely communicative and supportive in the bidding process. We were very happy to have won the first home bid that we put! We are in no doubt that this was in good part thanks to Barry’s skills. We were over the moon, and Barry was happy to answer our questions after the bid was accepted and all the way up to the final transfer of the property. Thank you Barry for helping us to find our forever home in Amsterdam!”

Tiffany Palmer-Bancel

“The personalised service offered by Barry and Monique takes away any stress that one may have with purchasing property, especially when in a new environment. From our first email exchange, to the first meeting, to the finalisation day at the notary; the open communication and straight-forward guidance has been a pleasure. It’s not about making a sale, but building a relationship.”

Fawad Shah

“Barry made the entire process from house-search to finalisation at the notary very smooth. Besides his extensive knowledge of the housing market in Amsterdam, Barry is a great listener and was very good at finding different options, balancing my preferences and budget.”

Elvan Yucel


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“We put an offer on the first house Barry showed us. Although there was interest from other potential buyers, he was successful at getting our offer approved in one day. He was there every step of the way and even took the initiative to help with our mortgage broker when we faced some unexpected issues with financing.”

Cyndee Sugra

“After emigrating to Amsterdam I was struggling to secure a property in the very competitive Amsterdam property market – enter Barry! After discussing my wish list in detail, Barry was able to access his extensive professional community and swiftly identify a property which matched my requirements exactly. He was also able to assist me in identifying service providers for renovations. Barry’s operation runs like a well oiled machine and I can highly recommend him.”

Harriet Beamish